who am i?

i'm a designer who creates websites, presentations & graphics.


about ME


For the last 25 years, I’ve worked in Hollywood with the very best filmmakers in the world (and all the major film studios). Working on  Academy Award campaigns, I help filmmakers share their personal stories with their peers so they can win Oscars. You can find me moderating Q&A’s during awards season every year, celebrating all the films & filmmakers involved.

As a graphic designer and web developer, I’ve been creating websites for years using the WordPress platform. I began my professional career as a photographer and have been immersed in visual storytelling my entire life. This expertise is perfect for creating websites, presentations, graphics, videos, webinars and print materials for filmmakers, studios, private clients & small businesses.

I also teach visual storytelling to groups and individuals. as well as how to use a variety of tools so you can create your own webinars, presentations & videos.

I’m a designer, writer, speaker & presenter and love creating an emotional connection with others through the power of visual storytelling in all of its forms.

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